Larger Men Want Better Selection

Fashion a Giant in Big & Tall Larger Men Want Better Selection And Discounters are Responding Fashion seems to have taken over big & tall in a big way. No longer are men of larger sizes confined to just the basic essentials in wardrobe: Todays bigger and taller man wants more selection from which to choose. Big & tall mens wear accounts for approximately 10% of total mens wear sales, according to Jeff Yunis, president and executive director of Specialty Trade Shows, New York.

Within the big & tall category, discounters are responsible for 58% of sales. Capitalizing on this trend, discounters and other retailers have adjusted their New outfit each day product lines as the fashion aspect gains a more prominent role in consumer needs.

Yunis noted that sales of big always fare better than tall because its easier to hide height than weight. Whats hot, youll see at the shows–in size 60, he said.

George Tepper, president of Bond Street Suspender & Belt Corp., Brooklyn, N.Y., added, They [big & tall customers] want to be dressed just like a person who is 511. They want to be dressed just like the person who is 175 pounds.

To plish this, the manufacturer explained, accessories like ties, belts and suspenders need to be slightly wider andor longer to balance out or normalize the appearance. We want to give them some styling, he said.

For instance, Tepper said, Bond Street Suspender & Belt Corp., a division of the leather house Bond Street Ltd., had previously made one basic black belt. panys selection has since evolved.

For the last 15 to 20 years, the 57-year-old firm has made belts, ties and suspenders in big & tall sizes. Now, belts for big and tall men are between 14-inch and 12-inch wider than the standard 1-inch belt.

They also go up to 64 to 66 inches long. Ties are longer too, and prints of all kinds are popular, including golf, tennis, horse racing and ducks.

Floral print ties are the hottest outfit sellers among the larger set, just as they are among the general male population. Suspenders, usually 1 18-inches wide for regular sizes, are 1 12-inch to 2-inches wide for the big & tall market.

However, Tepper pointed out that the Wall Streeters are already wearing them 1 12-inches wide, so there isnt much difference in big & tall accessory pared to those used by this consumer of regular mens accessories. pany sells to both upscale department stores and mass merchants.

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