Inflatable hot tubs reviews

A normal human being will spend thousands of dollars just to find the perfect relaxation, peace of mind and rest. Soaking to the best pool and great quality massages are no longer leisure but a must do in this fast paced and busy world.
Instead of going out and constantly paying too much in looking for the best water activity or the latest spa clinic, why not invest to your very own Jacuzzi. Well you might be thinking, ”that’s a very bad idea, Jacuzzis are too expensive”, not anymore, please meet the new trend, INFLATABLE HOT TUB.
Below is the best 3 Inflatable hot tub reviews for 2017!
Lay-Z-Spa 54129 Palm Springs Hot Tub

The 54129 Palm Springs inflatable portable Spa certainly takes the top spot on list for a number of reasons.
You will have no problem in positioning your hut tub because of its classic yet stylish exterior design it will be beautiful whichever place you put it.
This Hot tub is very portable and easy to manage. The setting up of this Jacuzzi is never a struggle.
The Lay-Z-Spa 54129 is very durable yet comfortable. It has a 3-layer leatheroid body that lasts many years.
This unit has a ground mat that keeps water warm the whole time it is used and also a built-in rapid heating system that makes its temperature consistent by 40 degrees. The Lay-Z also has a built in massage system that uses 120 air-jets, and works perfectly well.

Coleman Lay Z Spa – Best blow-up hot tub for 2017
The Coleman Lay Z Spa deserves gold as also being one of the best among the inflatable tubs.
Why Coleman Lay Z Spa? :
It has a maximum temperature of 104F. which is best fit to fight against winter or perfect for soothing the tired muscles after work.
Cushioned air pad floor for best thermal insulation, protection against air leaks, and improved comfort.
Very sturdy design because the gross weight of the package is 86 Lb. it’s a little heavy than expected for a portable tub but still you won’t consider I as flaw once you appreciate its weight as part of its quality tested through time and multiple usage.
This Hot tub is made of TriTech material, which technically is a polyester mesh core suspended inside two layers of PVC. This makes it very firm and durable.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii

This is very sophisticated inflatable hot tubs and the selling price would probably be a lot higher than the others mainly for two reasons.

This has a unique salt water filtering system that is robust in technology.
Adjustable and up-to-date jets called HydroJets that makes perfect bubbles and an internal automatic massaging system.
Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii is designed to host 4-6 people due to its peculiar yet strategic tub shape.
There are 8 big movable heads that can be adjusted by hand to the direction that pleases you the most and an internal program that helps you adjust the digital controller of the inflatable hot tub.
The salt water filtering is not very common because of its price but this function suits best when you place your hot tub near the beach. This technology makes you enjoy both the beach outside and the hot tub indoor without any worries. The filtering system will prevent the salinity of the beach tarnish the Interior of the tub.
This tub is 71-inch in diameter and 28 inch in height. It is enough to contain 210 gallons of water which is heated up to 40 ºC with only 30-45 minutes. It is very portable and could be assembled in less than 5 minutes. .
The three Inflatable Hot Tubs are chosen as the top for 2017 for mainly different reasons and purpose: Affordability, Quality and Technology. The tubs are amazing in their very own unique way. You might not agree to what is placed above but if you are serious in getting yourself an Inflatable Hot tub as a Holiday gift then try to do a little research and you will see similar opinions and reviews as above.

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