Crossbow hunting

What is crossbow hunting?
Crossbow hunting is an outdoor activity that requires all the basic attributes of hunting but with a special twist of weapon called a crossbow.
People engaging in this activity must get a license and must also limit their catch depending on the hunting regulation covering the state they chose to play.
The game involves a group of people in a wide range forest looking for an antlerless deer and antlered deer roaming around. Once the unsuspecting deer is locked as target, the hunter positions himself and aim his crossbow to the deer. Surprisingly, this hobby became widely famous and so has been subjected to abuse and illegal hunting, Due to this, the government passed on a law to protect and preserve wildlife (especially the deers) and to fight against animal cruelty.

History of the crossbow
Crossbows has been part of humans hunting life for a very long time now. Crossbows was invented during medieval days by the Chinese to kill all enemies that tries to get close to their walled kingdom.
Ancient china has used this weapon and became very successful with their wars.
Later on, the greeks and romans adapted this weapon. The Medieval crossbow was introduced into England by William the Conqueror in 1066.

In this era, a soldier with a crossbow is a soldier to be feared, they believe that an army of 10 people cannot stand even the slightest chance against a warrior with a crossbow ready to fire.
Due to the fact that the crossbows has been engineered and is mechanical, using it became so very easy, an untrained person can maneuver it without prior knowledge, (as long as their aim is good).
This weapon was like guns in their time. People would want to have one in order for them to defend or attack. Find the right Crossbow The rampant usage of the crossbows became uncontrolled that even the pope himself declared it as banned.

Crossbows are like longbows, they both use bolts, they both needs to be pulled and they both can clearly injure. Crossbows shot can range from 350-400 yards yet can only be fired with 2 bolts per minute.

What to know about a crossbow

-The crossbow is the very first engineered weapon. It is a wooden instrument generally made from yew ash, hazel or elm and coated with glue or varnish.
-The bow could either be wooden iron or steel.
-The bow has a span of two to three meters
– A crossbow is loaded with a bolt
-An untrained soldier can operate a crossbow
-A crossbow can kill a warrior fully armored.

Safety tips in using a crossbow:

Always wear glasses when using a crossbow, from assembling to shooting.
Don’t allow any finger to get a close range with the bowstrings releaser.
Dont point the crossbow just anywhere, you are required to aim the crossbow only to your target.
Make sure that there is no clutter to the place where you are aiming.
Do not put your fingers on the loaded crossbow until you are ready to fire!

Crossbows are really fun and very easy to use, they are just plain cool. Fire a couple of high quality bolts and listen to

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